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ART colours vol. 4 ''Shiodome Art: Night & Day (Bansankai)''

Tokyo Park Hotel Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo  Tokyo

During the 2012 winter season, the Park Hotel Tokyo is holding ''Shiodome Art: Night & Day (Bansankai)'' as its ART colours vol. 4 project from Dec. 8, 2012, to Feb. 24, 2013( The event features an exciting art exhibition, an original cocktail inspired by exhibited artworks and limited-time menus at restaurants so that visitors can enjoy a Japanese winter filled with seasonal events around Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day and Valentine's Day. (※Menus at the restaurants can vary from time to time.)

     The exhibition at the hotel's atrium includes a collage artwork which will remind viewers of kaleidoscope, modern Japanese painting using vivid pinks and a humorous tin object.

     The Park Hotel Tokyo offers guests a Japanese-style welcome during this beautiful season highlighted by sparkling lights.




~The Exhibition~

''Shiodome Art: Night & Day (Bansankai)''

[Opening Period]: Dec. 8 (Sat.), 2012 - Feb. 24 (Sun.), 2013

[Hours]: 11:30 ~ 22:00

(※Open every day during the event but time restrictions may apply)

[Venue]: The 25th floor atrium, Park Hotel Tokyo

[Featured Artists]: Yutokutaishi Akiyama (modern artist), Tatsuo Inose (painter), Sonosuke Yukichika (Japanese-style painter)

[Cooperation]: Hagurodo ( [Produced by] Creative Unit Moon (


Outline of Exhibition Theme

     The crisp air of winter sets the stage for a clear view of artworks. ''Shiodome '' features Tatsuo Inose's collage on colored papers with gold and silver leaf which will remind viewers of a kaleidoscope, Sonosuke Yukichika's vivid and modern Japanese paintings and Yutokutaishi Akiyama's humorous tin object. The exhibition also displays classic Japanese paintings, such as hand-drawn Ukiyoe of the Edo Period representing Edo Culture. We sincerely hope you will enjoy some winter nights and days at the hotel.

     Speaking of ''Bansankai'' - ''ban'' means night and ''san'' means light or day.







What is ''ART colours''?

   A series of projects to provide Japanese-style services to visitors in the areas of ''ART'' -- Atrium, Restaurant and Travel, which are considered pillars of the Park Hotel's services -- that enable people to appreciate the aesthetic appeal of the four seasons. The hotel holds various events, including art exhibitions, associated with each of the four seasons to provide uniquely memorable moments for visitors to the hotel as part of its global promotion efforts.  


<Profiles of Artists>

Yutokutaishi Akiyama / modern artist born in Tokyo in 1935

He graduated from the Department of Sculpture of Musashino Art School (currently Musashino Art University). He is known for making a number of tin objects and for performances called Pop Happening. Aiming to turn politics into pop art, he ran for governor of Tokyo and his election posters are stored at the National Museum of Art, Osaka and elsewhere. His artworks have been displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and many other exhibitions. Akiyama, Genpei Akasegawa and Yutaka Takanashi formed the group ''Raika Domei.''


Tatsuo Inose / painter born in Tochigi Prefecture in 1938

Inose started his career as an artist when he was 22 and has produced about 10,000 artworks since then. With his spirit of inquiry, his creative activities and experiments cover vast areas in the field of arts -- pastel drawing, water color painting, oil painting, stained glass, print art, computer graphics, etc. He is also an art lecturer for the information education course of Japan's education ministry.


Sonosuke Yukichika / Japanese-style painter born in Tokyo in 1966

Sonosuke Yukichika graduated from Tama Art University, having majored in Japanese Painting. His unique Japanese paintings have been exhibited at the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition. Recently, he is known for using vivid pink in his works.


Hand-Drawn Ukiyoe

Ukiyoe, a renowned form of Japanese art, emerged after an era of unrest and conflict. Compared with the printed versions, paintings which were hand drawn by artists are called ''Nikuhitsu Ukiyoe''. They also are historical materials which reflect the culture of different eras through depicted characters, such as beautiful women or actors, and landscapes. Ink was used for painting black, while chalk and pigments were used for colors.


※During the event, works by Antymark, a visual arts creative unit(, related to the exhibition will be projected on a large screen in the atrium.

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