Tokyo Hotel, Park Hotel Tokyo, near Tokyo Bay

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Tokyo Park Hotel Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo  TokyoTokyo Park Hotel Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo  TokyoTokyo Park Hotel Tokyo, Park Hotel Tokyo  Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo

Park Hotel Tokyo is ideally situated in Shiodome (Google Map), a flourishing center of business and culture. This luxury business hotel in Tokyo provides a superior level of service to satisfy the needs of all international clientele. A member of the design hotelsTM group, Park Hotel Tokyo offers an extraordinary level of service and coordinated interior designs.

The Park Hotel Tokyo logo, which shows its colour concept throughout the hotel's interior, reflects a feeling of warmth and sophistication. Blue represents clean comfort, green is for nature, and red represents warmth, an expression of Park Hotel Tokyo's warm at-home hospitality. The hotel strives to be your one and only hotel in Tokyo for all your accommodation needs, whatever they may be.

Park Hotel Tokyo also pays homage to local traditions in nature and this is translated in the hotel's glass-roofed atrium. A soothing haven of trees and greenery, it stretches between the building's 25th and 34th floors, creating a well of warming sunlight that augments the sensation of balance and vitality fostered by the architecture.

With its Atrium, Restaurants and Travel concept, ART, the hotel is also unique in not only offering traditional Japanese hospitality throughout the year, but also stimulating the aesthetic senses of its guests.       

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